Clothing Display

Custom Clothing Merchandise Displays

Nothing says trendsetter more than a forward-thinking fashion merchandise display. In fact, apparel store displays often play critical roles in strengthening a garment company’s brand message. At EB Display, we know how to design and manufacture quality displays for the fashion industry. We have been designing and manufacturing award-winning clothing display and other custom store displays since 1952.

Factors to consider for every clothing display:

  1. Color choice. There’s never a more important time to think about color than with an apparel, clothing display. Our full-time graphics designers understand the nuances of color and how to use them to your advantage.
  2. Use of Lighting. It’s not necessary to use lights with apparel merchandise displays, but if lights are used, they have to be right. Harsh lighting can cast undesired shadows. The designers at EB will show you how different lights can create different effects.
  3. Appropriate photography. When you work with EB, you’ll notice our attention to detail when it comes to fashion photography. Whether we work with your images or we shoot photographs for you, the quality of the finished product is unmistakable. Every image is reproduced at the highest resolution for perfect clarity and color saturation.
  4. Display versatility. In the clothing industry, trends change with the seasons. But the displays that showcase these fashions usually need to last longer than one season. As a result, we consider the steps that are required to change the look of a clothing display so it can easily accommodate new styles. One solution is to create interchangeable graphics that simply slide out of custom framework. There are many options, and we can help you decide which one is best for you.

At EB Display, our designers work closely with our engineers to combine the vibrancy of fashion with the necessity of versatility. Our 3-D software gives us the ability to take your ideas and transform them into breathtaking apparel merchandise displays.

Our Ohio-based facility is equipped with everything that’s needed to manufacture your clothing display. Whether you decide on metal, wire-formed, acrylic, wood, or any other material, you’ll see that we have the equipment and full-time staff to handle the job. In addition, all of the printing—screen-printing and digital—is handled at our location. Since we opened our doors in 1952, every display we build is 100% guaranteed. Call EB Display at (800) 321-9869, or click here to request a custom display quote.


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