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The best displays begin with great ideas

The designers at EB Display specialize in creativity. With your ideas, our team will develop plans for displays that provide straightforward functionality while capturing the uniqueness of your business. Our display designers have far-reaching knowledge not only of graphic design, but also of the behavioral characteristics of a variety of building materials. And, they understand the many responsibilities that displays must carry out in the marketplace.

As our team considers the essential duties of your display, they will begin to develop solutions for your review. Using 3-D software to render various options, the designers can make adjustments as needed until the display design meets your specs exactly. As you consider your options, review the list of materials that are used for most displays. Your entire project is manufactured at our Ohio facility using any of the following materials:

  • Wood and composite. Our display designs often use wood or wood composite as a base. These materials include plywood, particle board, oak or other hardwood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or other solid-surface composite. All of these materials can be painted in the color of your choosing.
  • Thermoplastics such as Plexiglas and acrylic. These materials are often used clear to provide maximum visibility, but they can also be opaque, which provides a modern aesthetic. Thermoplastics provide strength and resistance to breakage but weigh considerably less than wood or metal.
  • Metal such as laser-cut steel, metal tubing or wire-formed. Our CNC machines can cut steel into precise shapes for displays up to 12’. Metal tubing and wire-formed displays are both good options that offer stability and portability. Stainless steel can provide a polished finish as well as strength. For lightweight displays, consider aluminum as one of your main materials. A powder-coat finish provides a tough barrier in your choice of colors.

As the display design progresses, EB designers will present ideas for signage and lighting. All of the printing—screen-printing and digital—is handled at our location. Because we oversee the entire manufacturing process at our facility, you will be apprised of every step. We guarantee our workmanship with every display we build.

Call EB Display or request a custom display quote. We’re ready to get started on your display design.

Display Design

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