Eyewear Displays

Custom Display Fixtures for Eye & Sunglasses

Whether you sell sunglasses as a side inventory item or carry a full range of eyewear, adequate display fixtures for eyewear are an absolute must. Eyeglasses can be tricky to display – they are small and lightweight, and notoriously fragile. There are many ways to develop effective eyewear displays, and we will find one that works best for your business. EB Display has been providing custom display solutions to businesses like yours since 1952. Whether you consult with an EB Display representative for ideas on custom display solutions or come prepared with your idea, we know you’ll be satisfied with the final product.

The possibilities are endless. See for yourself. Take a look at our Display Portfolio. 

Eyewear displays have a few things in common:

  • A standard display method is the turnstile display. However, you can spice up a drab display and make it noticeable. Signs, lights, or simply an interestingly-colored display can make the difference between a display that customers just walk by and one that prompts them to try on a few pairs.
  • A key feature of eyewear displays is the inclusion of a mirror. Including a mirror on the display itself or immediately next to it gives customers the opportunity to try on and quickly assess many pairs. The effort to look in a nearby mirror is minimal and customers are more likely to try on additional pairs.

EB Display Company can help you to consider designs and select an eyewear display that best suits your spatial constraints, budget, and marketing needs. It can be difficult to choose the best design for your company, but the consultants at EB will work with you to determine your needs and come up with an innovative design that will boost sales and business success.

Let’s get started! If you are ready to make a statement for your business with custom retail displays, give us a call at (800) 321-9869 or request a quote.