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Custom Merchandising Displays

In any market, merchandising is an incredible way to increase revenue. Businesses, from restaurants to musical groups to television shows and everything in between, have the potential to make revenue from selling merchandise and products. An incredibly effective way to move units is to set up attention-grabbing, note-worthy merchandise and product displays. If you’re looking to have a display set up for your products and merchandise, look no further than EB Display. We are the leading source of award-winning custom display solutions. The services we offer in product displays will cover all of your needs. From design concept to engineering to delivery, EB can handle it all. Think of us as your one-stop solution for all of your product and merchandising display needs.

Reasons EB Display is the right choice:

  • We offer a full range of services, including everything from concept design to manufacturing to photography.
  • EB can make displays from a variety of materials: metal, wood, laminate and more.
  • Our team can quickly supply replacement parts when needed.
  • Should you need assistance in setting up your custom display, our customer service team will walk you through the process step-by-step.
  • We are ready to grow with you; should your needs in merchandise displays change, we will be here to help you evolve over time.
  • Our employees are trained and certified in process management through Underwriters Laboratories. We maintain our certification ensuring our company is financially sound and our methods adhere to the latest standards.

To fully develop your product displays, EB Display offers a full-time creative team of designers who will take your ideas and convert them into a display concept. Our team of engineers will take that concept and develop a display prototype. We manufacture all displays in-house, which means our customers have more flexibility in the design and manufacturing process. Plus, you will be assigned a project manager who will help you through the entire process. Lastly, our top-of-the-line machinery will provide you with the highest quality product displays possible.

Without a doubt, we are your source top quality merchandising displays for any application. Our goal is to build a display that will serve you well for many years. Call EB Display at (800) 321-9869, or click here to request a custom display quote. We’re ready to get started!

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