Seasonal Store Displays

Custom Seasonal & Temporary Displays

The human brain is designed to recognize changes in a given environment, and so it makes sense that if you change your store’s inventory arrangement from time to time, customers will take note and possibly purchase items they hadn’t previously known existed. This sort of psychology is key when it comes to setting up seasonal store displays. Whether you’re highlighting the new arrival of Valentine’s Day stuffed animals or trying to get rid of the last of the Halloween candy with a well-advertised clearance sale, your business can benefit from smartly-placed temporary retail displays.

Possibilities are limitless. See for yourself. Take a look at our Display Portfolio. 

Your specific business type will determine what sort of display best suits your needs, but one of the temporary displays that works well in a variety of environments is the free-standing display. These types of displays, whether they’re intended as seasonal store displays or just as a new way to showcase old merchandise, often encourage customers to buy what they wouldn’t ordinarily purchase. This is because having a display that stands on its own means it attracts extra attention from shoppers.

Larger stores can use a variant of the free-standing display – this type involves using a pallet as the base for a display of larger items or for an intricate multi-item display. These take up a lot more space, so they’re typically used by big-box retailers or by stores with a lot of floor space. By contrast, if you run a retail venue that is short on space, a counter display can often work very well. A countertop display can showcase featured or seasonal merchandise in a way that’s noticeable – customers can see it right as they’re checking out. Seeing merchandise right as they’re about to pull out a credit card can motivate some customers to impulse buy.

The design of a temporary display is important, too – you want a design that doesn’t feel out of place in your store, but you also want it sot stand out enough so it’s especially noticeable.

Temporary or seasonal store displays are vital to keeping your business running smoothly and selling well. If you want to set up temporary displays but aren’t sure where to start, consult with an EB Display Company representative and start selling more! Give us a call or request a custom display quote and let’s get started!