Tool Display & Merchandising

Custom Tool Merchandise Displays

Just as there is a wide range of tools — from micro-precision hand tools to turbo-charged power tools — there is also a wide range of options for tool display. Our designers will work with you to reinforce your company’s message through the use of graphics, photography and interactive components as we design a custom tool display for your company.

Our merchandise display designs always begin with a commitment to structural soundness, and this is especially true when we’re building merchandise displays for tools. As our team designs your tool display on our 3-D software, you’ll be able to see how the elements fit together in a completely customized display for your products.

Factors to consider for a custom tool display:

  1. Is the tool immediately recognizable?
    If a new version of a recognizable tool is to be showcased, we have found that vivid photography with a clear marketing message gets attention. On the other hand, tools that are unfamiliar in appearance — or those that offer new technology — may benefit from video demonstrations or hands-on sampling. At EB Display, we’ll design and manufacture a tool display that brings the tool’s best features to light.
  2. Will it travel?
    Strategies for new product launches often include presentations at industry shows. If your tool merchandise display will need to go on the road, our engineers will design accordingly, making tool displays easy to assemble and collapse.
  3. Does it require electricity?
    We’ll help you determine the power required to successfully demonstrate the product. We can even build an external power pack if needed.
  4. Does the tool have accessories that are essential to its usefulness?
    Many of today’s tools provide versatility with interchangeable accessories. In these cases, consumers are just as interested in the additional functions as they are in the tool’s primary duty. We take special care to fully understand the tool’s capabilities in order to showcase its many selling points.

At our warehouse, we are equipped with metal-forming machinery for all aspects of metal displays, from wire forming to CNC laser cutting. In addition, we do vacuum forming with plastic, acrylic and other synthetic materials, allowing us to create precise shapes for tool merchandise displays.

Since 1952, EB Display has been a leader in manufacturing custom displays, retail fixtures and signage solutions. Give us a call at (800) 321-9869, or click here to request a custom display quote.