• freestanding-displays

Displays that Demonstrate.

Our multi-functional, freestanding display for Ryobi earned us a Gold OMA award for outstanding retail marketing. This custom display allowed customers to interact with the product, which contributed to a 20% increase in produce sales.

  • production-prototypes-laser-cutter

A Thing of Beauty, Precisely.

We like things to be precise. That’s why we’re equipped with a new CNC laser cutter that can handle 5-foot by 10-foot steel sheets. This means you get more cost effective product that’s delivered to you faster. And, we can do single-product (one-off) production for prototypes.

  • point-of-purchase-displays

Hands-On Solution.

From years of designing point-of-purchase displays, we know that that getting the product in the customer’s hand is always successful. Our hands-on solutions find ways to showcase your products while allowing customers to feel them on the spot.

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Painless Project Management.

By logging on to EB’s project management link on our website, you have immediate and private access to all of your project’s data. Our user-friendly software lets you sort data and request email alerts, as well as post comments and archive your ideas.