Wall Displays

Custom Slatwall Display Systems

It would always be beneficial to have more retail space, but when expansion isn’t possible or feasible, retail success comes down to managing the space that you have. One way to effectively use space is by utilizing custom display solutions like wall displays. These can take a variety of forms – the simplest retail wall displays come in the form of wall-mounted clothing racks or basic shelving units. However, wall displays can become works of art that increase the aesthetic value of your business, effectively showcase your inventory, and keep customers coming back for more.

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Our representatives have helped countless businesses to maximize their space and their display potential by designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing wall display systems for a variety of applications. EB Display is a one-stop resource for all of your standard and custom display needs. There are myriad ways to utilize your wall space effectively.

  • Some stores opt to go for a minimalist display – hollow pipe fixtures tend to be lightweight, less expensive, movable, and stark-looking, so they’re good for this type of approach.
  • More elaborate (but still space-efficient) retail wall displays can be found in shelving units. Wall shelves range from the basic wall-mount to the industrial steel shelves to the more luxuriant hardwood shelving.
  • Other companies opt for shelves that are built into walls, but if they aren’t pre-existing, this sort of display can be more costly to make. The point is: Options are limitless and EB Display can help you discover the possibilities that are right for your business!

If the use of display shelving doesn’t suit your store’s style, some excellent slatwall display systems have been made with simple wall hooks. For example, specialty jewelry stores sometimes hang necklaces on well-lit wall displays. This helps to highlight specific jewelry items, and it also makes the most of wall space. Some systems involve removable and interchangeable hooks, shelves, etc., so you can customize a given display to the type of merchandise currently made available.

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting retail wall displays – if you have an idea and want to make it possible, or if you need expert advice from award-winning designers, talk to an EB Display representative about how to make your retail goals become reality. Give us a call or request a custom display quote and let’s get started!