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It used to be that a high-quality, effective and interesting product could sell itself. In today’s marketplace, this is no longer the case. At EB Display, we create custom wire displays and racks for product marketers seeking a way to attract more attention to their offerings. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team come together to create point-of-purchase (POP) wire displays that will entice consumers to purchase your products over the competition.

The possibilities are limitless with our custom wire display racks. Take a look at our Display Portfolio. 

Our Wire Display Racks

We create wire display racks using high-quality materials, including strong yet malleable steel and aluminum, that we’re able to make into wires on adjustable displays for counters, walls or a standalone. We use technology such as laser cutters, robotic welders and metal-forming machinery to create displays that exactly match our customer’s specifications. Our wire displays can withstand tough conditions, heavy use and hefty consumer goods without experiencing any wear and tear.

Reasons to Choose EB for Your POP Wire Display

At EB Display, we’re truly a one-stop shop. We take an idea from concept to blueprint, manufacturing, production and even photography. We’ll create the graphics for a display that include a product or business name and logo. Our wire display design team develops plans for displays that are both functional and easy to use while capturing the uniqueness of a product.

From there, we’ll work with merchandisers on ideas for signs and lighting for the wire display. Our team creates a prototype for marketers to test, review and provide feedback to us. We may even create a series of prototypes so that product managers can try out different variations and select the features that best highlight their product.

All of our wire display racks are manufactured with our own equipment in our facility. From cutting the metal to putting the powder coating on each wire, we do it all. Once the wire display is complete, we’ll do the photography for advertisements and technical sheets for store managers to set up the display and stock the product. Our skilled photography team captures the essence of a product and creates images that can be used on the display, in print ads and online ads.

Ready to Get Started?

EB Display is the leading source of award-winning, custom displays and solutions. Any marketer, merchandiser or business manager seeking to display their wares in a brick-and-mortar establishment should trust EB Display to help them sell more products. We’ll work with anyone seeking a custom, creative and aesthetically pleasing wire display rack for any type of product. Call EB Display at (800) 321-9869, or click here to request a custom display quote. We’re ready to get started!

Custom Wire Displays