Beverage & Food Displays

Custom Food Displays & Beverage Display Stands

Our designers begin the process of creating beverage and food displays with a simple question: What is the most appetizing way to display this product?

To create the most appealing displays for the food and beverage industry, our team of skilled engineers and designers use their understanding of human senses, starting with sight. The most common way to showcase food is through irresistible photography. EB’s partnership with skilled food stylists enables us to create lush photographs of mouth-watering edibles. Our high-resolution images are enlarged and incorporated into the display design. Many of our clients are surprised to learn how affordable photography can be when it’s part of the overall display package. Rather than shop for and hire unknown photographers, our clients simply rely on the expertise of the in-house EB team.

Other design elements of successful food displays include:

  • Backlighting. Placing soft lights behind an image or graphic is an effective way to add brightness and appeal to photographs of food or beverages.
  • Sampling carts. Experts in the food and beverage industry continue to use taste buds to sell products, especially for new-product launches. The EB designers incorporate storage spaces for necessary items such as napkins, sampling spoons or cups, and garbage receptacles.
  • Tapping into other senses. Our designers have worked with marketing specialists in the food and beverage industry to include methods for adding aroma to a display’s features. Background sounds can also be used to enhance a product. Sounds can range from ocean waves to rock music.
  • Double as a vending station. Some food displays can be used to vend new foods or beverages in test markets. Our engineers can create a display that will transport easily, as well as provide a side cart for refrigeration if needed.

At EB Display, we never stop thinking about new ways to enhance marketing strategies for the food and beverage industry. Your entire project is manufactured at our Ohio facility, ensuring that you are always up to date on the progress. Give us a chance to work with you and you’ll see why we’ve been thriving since 1952. Call us at (800) 321-9869, or click here to request a custom display quote.

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