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From the start, EB Display has been committed to providing an extensive variety of custom display solutions. Our product display systems range from in-stock store displays to elaborate custom display fixtures and everything in between. We know every business has unique needs, which is why we treat every inquiry with the time and attention it deserves. We design and manufacture retail and point-of-purchase (POP) displays for every imaginable need.

  • Retail display systems. In retail settings, especially grocery stores, your retail display fixture must stand up to rigorous use. Whether the display is moved by store personnel or busy youngsters, it must be built to withstand the demands of daily use. The displays built by EB last longer because they are made by our in-house craftsmen with the best materials available.
  • Point of purchase displays. Today’s POP displays are more creative than ever. That’s why we employ the most talented graphic designers on our team. We can develop interactive product display systems that invite consumer participation, or provide hands-on merchandise testing.
  • Custom displays. For a creative but cost-effective solution, consider custom display solutions. It’s often the best choice for a challenging display opportunity.
  • Seasonal displays. Looking for lots of bells and whistles? This is the time to go all out. When shopping during the holidays, consumers are all eyes and ears. So, we can put on the glitz for your seasonal display. However, if you’re looking more for a more restrained display, we can do that, too. Whatever your budget or taste, we’ll make it sing.
  • Counter display fixtures. Of all of the point-of-purchase displays, the counter display is probably the most trusted marketing tool. Positioned exactly where consumers can see it, counter displays can truly move products. If you’re pondering ways to encourage consumers to pick up your product, let’s talk about ideas.
  • Floor stands. Often used as stand-alone displays in retail environments, floor stands can sustain the daily pokes and prods of curious customers. A good design with sturdy construction is key here. Our retail displays, especially those made for heavy traffic areas, are reinforced throughout the piece to ensure added safety and durability.
  • Store signage. Every good display has a core message. Because we do all of our printing in house, we can help you with the key message to reach your customers.
  • Display walls. When a floor display isn’t big enough, let us help you design and build an entire display wall. Usually used in larger retail settings, the display wall can handle a branding message like no other.

To create the best display for your product, we have a wide variety of materials. Most common for displays are wood, corrugated board, steel wire and metal tubing to name a few. In addition, your display may require the use of plastic or fiberglass, vinyl, acetate, or other synthetic material. If your display requires electricity, we will wire it according to your specific needs.

There’s no limit to the choices of materials we can use to create your display. Let’s talk today about how we can create a dazzling display to feature your products and brand. Ready to experience success with custom display fixtures? Give us a call or request a custom display quote and let’s get started!

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