Product Photography

Custom Product Photography for Retail Displays

Product photography showcases a product like no other technique. A simple picture, well lit and masterfully composed, can be transformed into a larger-than-life image that makes a powerful visual impact. If your display design calls for product photography, you don’t have to go any further than EB Display. As a full-service display manufacturer, with our display solutions we handle all aspects of signage and product photography.

  • Our skilled photographers can capture the essence of your product with such precision that even poster-size enlargements remain crisp with detail and rich with color.
  • In addition to the expertise of our photographer, we have come to learn that the most important factors in successful product photography are lighting and camera equipment.
  • The best product photos require the use of professional camera bodies and lenses — otherwise your results will be unsuitable.
  • Lesser quality equipment will yield acceptable images only if they remain small. But once enlarged, the images from amateur cameras become grainy or flat, even with extensive photo editing. At EB Display, we start with equipment that ensures superb quality at any size.

In many cases, your product shots can be completed right here in our studio. Our high-quality lighting equipment ensures accurate lighting, and our cameras provide the highest-megapixel images on the market today. If your display design calls for location photography, no problem. We have a number of sites that are commonly used for outdoor product images. Regardless of the type of product photography you need, we maintain our commitment to the highest quality.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to do your own product photography. This is one of those jobs that just doesn’t make sense to do yourself. Despite the fact that cameras are available on every phone and tablet, you won’t get quality results without appropriate equipment and an expert photographer. Make your job easier by letting the pros at EB Display take care of everything for your display, including product photography. Because we handle the entire display manufacturing process right here, you’ll never have to pay additional fees for outside vendors.

Since 1952, the EB Display Company has been a leader in manufacturing custom displays, retail fixtures and signage solutions. Give us a call or request a custom display quote.