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An effective store display doesn’t only attract attention—it also convinces shoppers to buy. EB Display has designed and built store displays for all types of settings, from upscale boutiques to no-frills warehouses. However, getting noticed is only the first job of store displays. Once a shopper notices the display, he or she must be intrigued enough to take a closer look. If the custom display solution is compelling, the shopper will pick up one of the products to examine it further. Of course, this all happens in a matter of seconds. Once the product is in the hands of the consumer, the store display has done its job.

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To achieve the ultimate goal of getting the customer to pick up the product, a store display must be designed with a complete understanding of the intended buyer. Our designers at EB continue to refine their knowledge of target marketing in order to provide our clients with the latest in interactive store displays. The best store display for any given product may be a simple, straightforward design that utilizes a message that has proven to be appealing to the intended buyer. When we sit down with you to devise your plan, we can help you determine what kind of display may work best for you, based on our understanding of best practices.

If you are the designer of a marketing campaign, and store displays are part of your plan, EB can produce your displays according to your exact specifications. With a 200,000+ square-foot warehouse and production facility, there’s no limit to the displays we can build. Because all of EB’s displays are built right here in our Ohio facility, we can maintain quality that would be impossible to manage if we shipped production to outside vendors. We handle every step of the manufacturing process and keep you fully informed along the way.

Our success in designing and building store displays is based in part on our strict adherence to quality control, from the planning stages until the final pieces are delivered. We are proud to have been trained and certified in process management through Underwriters Laboratories. We believe this commitment to quality is one reason why our clients continue to work with us year after year.

We welcome the opportunity to show you some of the store displays we’ve built over the years. We’re proud of the success of our clients and we look forward to showing you how we can do the job for you, quickly and within budget. Are you ready to experience success with your custom store displays? Give us a call or request a custom display quote and let’s get started!

Sea Klear Store Display

Spirit & Truth Store Display

Rigid Drill Store Display