Home Improvement Store Display

Custom Merchandise Displays

With the DIY craze showing no signs of slowing, home improvement stores continue to expand their product offerings. To effectively compete, manufacturers are feeling pressured to come up with more compelling home improvement store displays. That’s where EB Display comes in. We have been manufacturing effective, award-winning custom display solutions since 1952. Our knowledge of the home improvement industry is put to use every day in our design and manufacturing of home improvement store display and merchandise displays.

Factors to consider for every home improvement store display:

  1. Will the product be moved throughout the year for in-store promotions?
    Displays that are to be used for various promotions must be designed with changeable components. Our engineers can incorporate that kind of versatility into a home improvement store display.
  2. Does your product need to be demonstrated?
    Some products at home improvement stores can be seen from halfway across the store. This kind of visibility can usually be attributed to active demonstrations. There’s no question that a moving display attracts more attention than a stationary one. At EB Display, we’re well-versed in building displays with demonstration capabilities.
  3. Does your marketing plan include point of purchase placement for your product?
    We can create dual merchandise displays — one for the main store aisle and a second one for countertops or check-out stands. With combined visibility, your product stands out among its competitors.
  4. How often will the display need to be restocked?
    Our planning process includes realistic projections of a display’s capacity. If your display is to hold inventory, we’ll design a display that makes it easy to maintain stock at appropriate levels. In some cases, storage space can be built into the base of a home improvement store display. Our policy is to ensure the display shows off the actual merchandise, especially when buying customers are nearby.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to designing and manufacturing displays for the home improvement industry. We’ve watched this industry grow and we’ve worked alongside many home improvement product manufacturers. Give us the opportunity to work with you and you’ll see why we’ve been thriving since 1952. Call EB Display at (800) 321-9869, or click here to request a custom display quote.