Laminate Displays

Custom Laminated Displays

While you might logically believe that the quality of your merchandise is the most important part of your customers’ retail experience, having the right display solution can boost your business considerably. Attractive laminate displays can draw customers, and also create an engaging shopping experience. We are designers, engineers, and manufacturers of award-winning retail displays and can help you achieve your branding and marketing goals.

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While different displays are right for different retail environments, a laminate display is a versatile solution that works for a variety of business types.

  • Many laminates come in woodgrain finishes that mimic the classic look of hardwood but don’t carry the formidable price tag.
  • Laminate displays tend to be lightweight and easy to install.
  • A laminate display can effectively showcase a variety of merchandise:
    • Denim companies, for example, use tall laminate shelving units to house each different jeans design. The possibilities are endless.
    • Some stores use laminate displays to demonstrates a range of products available and encourage customers to purchase more.

While permanent laminate displays can enhance the appeal of your retail location, they also can increase the marketability of your seasonal products with a temporary display or mobile sales venues. For instance, you can purchase a laminate display made of portable panels. This sort of display is suitable for trade shows, fairs, and other places where you can sell merchandise and represent your company. In addition, keeping some cohesion throughout your brand is important. By choosing a travel laminate display that looks like the laminate displays in your store’s permanent location, you ensure that your brand and your merchandise are easily recognizable.

Laminate is a versatile material that works well in a wide variety of display cases, shelves, etc. It is easy to clean and will continue looking good with minimal upkeep. If you’re up for a design choice that attracts the eye and enhances the appeal of your store’s merchandise, then laminate may prove to be a wise display choice for you and your business.

If you’re looking for ideas for a laminate display, have an idea you want to develop, or simply want to consult, give us a call or request a custom display quote and let’s get started!