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Every project at EB Display begins with a commitment to client satisfaction. To us, that means explaining our retail display services before we begin, but more importantly, it means making sure we understand what you need. We’ve come to learn after 60-plus years in business that sometimes it takes more than a quick checklist to create the best display solutions.

Our display services:

  • Graphic design. This creative team works with you to come up with a show-stopping look for your retail display. They have expertise in all forms of brand implementation such as display graphics and packaging, as well as brochures, posters and shelf talkers.
  • Display design. Beginning with the end in mind, our design team works with you on every detail of your display. If you have specific ideas, the designers will incorporate them into the overall strategy. During this critical stage of planning, you’ll be considering the countless options for your display, such as lighting, portability, materials, signage, and many others.
  • Quality prototypes. For new product development, product testing or launching, we can quickly manufacture your display prototypes. In our facility, we can manufacture one-off prototypes as well as short-runs or high volume. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to manufacture high-quality display prototypes according to your specs. When you’re ready for your prototype, give us a call and we’ll make it.
  • Display manufacturing. Once the design is finalized, we begin production of your display. Here is where our massive equipment room shines. The entire manufacturing process is handled right here in our Ohio shop. Not only does this mean we can keep a steady eye on your display, but we also can keep the project moving, without delays due to shipping or off-site printing. It all happens here in our 200,000+ square-foot facility.
  • Retail display assembly. Some point-of-purchase displays come together easily, but other displays—usually those that are built to be permanent—can be complicated to assemble. Our assembly team is ready to assist in getting your displays up and ready, in whatever capacity you need.
  • Warehousing. In some companies, space is at a real premium. In those cases, we offer our warehouse facility to store your displays until they’re needed. When you give us the word, we’ll ship them immediately.
  • Drop shipping. We use the best and most cost-effective shipping companies in the country. When you need your store displays to arrive on time, we know how to make it happen.
  • Digital and screen printing. All printing is handled in-house. Whether your display calls for digitally-printed signs or screen-printed banners, we do it right here. By handling it, we maintain the highest levels of quality as well as the fastest turn-around.
  • Product photography. Sometimes the right photo pulls your message together perfectly. We are equipped to shoot both studio and location images to help market your product.
  • Signage printing. A critical part of custom display manufacturing is the sign printing. Rather than outsource this important job, we handle all of the signage printing in house, from offset and to screen printing. You receive complete file proofing and color control.
    • Store Signage. Retail  store signage needs to accomplish the heavy task of displaying impactful messages simply and quickly to get your branding message or value proposition across. We understand how difficult it can be to raise brand awareness with graphically appealing and informative signage, but we accomplish this goal for our clients every day.
  • Project management. Our dedicated project management team will help you through the display manufacturing process. Ensuring deadlines are met with quality.
  • Display solutions engineering. Whether you have detailed specs or a rough idea, our engineers will translate it into a compelling custom display. Using Solidworks™ 3-D software, our display solutions team will show you a dynamic look of your product display before production.

Regardless of the size or scope of your custom display project, EB can handle it. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced machinery and knowledgeable staff to provide you the best in retail display services. Give us a call at (800) 321-9869 or request a custom display quote to get started.

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