Grocery Store Produce Displays

Custom Fruit & Vegetable Display Fixtures

The gleam of new apples and the dewy sparkle of fresh lettuce certainly allure some customers on their own, but enhancing your produce inventory with engaging and functional produce displays is a fantastic way to boost your revenue, pull in sales, and keep customers coming back to your store. There are a variety of techniques for developing an effective produce display, and we’re sure to find one that works for your business, whether you consult with an EB Display representative for ideas on custom display solutions or come prepared with an idea you want to bring to fruition.

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There are two important elements to consider when making a produce display: Aesthetics and customer accessibility.

  1. Aesthetics is the first thing people notice about product displays in your grocery store. With fruits and vegetables in particular, some retailers take an evocative approach to displays. For example, rustic produce displays are common in upscale markets – they’re designed to evoke the pastoral roadside vegetable stand or local farmers’ market. For some people, rustic display fixtures bring back memories of childhood. For others, it simply provides a seemingly authentic backdrop for the sale of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Accessibility is also important. Customers need visual access to fruits and vegetables for sale. If a produce display involves disorganized crowding of different inventory items, customers won’t get an accurate idea of what’s for sale, and they also probably won’t purchase as much as they otherwise would. Center island produce displays between wall shelves tend to be effective, as they break up the inventory and place a large portion of it at eye level. The items also need to be physically accessible – while produce displays with most inventory on shelves may be space-efficient, excessively high shelving is difficult to reach and also puts many items far beyond eye level for some customers.

Produce displays are a vital part of any grocery store or supermarket, and putting in enough thought to make them effective is an absolute must. The designers and engineers at EB Display have experience making award-winning displays and can work with you to maximize the effectiveness of your store displays.

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