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Counter displays are the mini showrooms of the retail world. By placing tempting merchandise front and center, retailers have come to rely on counter displays for everything from product launches to seasonal sales-boosters. Counter display fixtures are among the most exciting displays to design and build because of the many functions they are expected to perform. Not only does a counter display have to capture consumers’ attention, but it also has to encourage them to try the product. Ultimately, the goal of the display is to convince shoppers that the product and price are just right, and they simply can’t live without the product. It’s quite a lot to ask of one simple display.

At EB Display, we know how much is riding on the design of your counter display. We’ve been designing and manufacturing custom displays since 1952, and we can help you create the perfect counter display for your product. Some of the factors that are evaluated by our designers and engineers when developing counter displays include:

  • Counter display interactivity. Some products lend themselves to testing right on the spot. Our engineers can develop highly mechanized counter displays, or simple interactive tools. We can help you determine if your product lends itself to an interactive display.
  • Display and fixture flexibility. If seasonal marketing is important to your product’s success, we will design a counter display that builds flexibility into its structure. For example, acrylic frames can be built as part of the display to make it easy to rotate messages. Because these framed messages are part of the actual display, there’s no risk that they will end up on the floor as sometimes happens with freestanding signs.
  • Custom fixture lighting. Incorporating lights into your counter display will undoubtedly bring it more attention, especially if your competitors haven’t considered this effective tool. Using LED technology, we can design and manufacture a display that uses lighting to show a message, or to illuminate certain aspects of your product. Most of today’s LED counter displays use small batteries that run for years before needing new batteries.
  • Manageable weight. Retailers have specific size and weight guidelines for counter displays. We take those structural guidelines and design a custom display fixture that makes the best use of the allocated space.

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you how our expertise and customer-focused service can make working with EB Display a truly positive experience. Ready to receive a successful counter display? Give us a call or request a custom display quote and let’s get started!

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